Staff Feedback – Home from Home

My memories of working at Home from Home

We have been very lucky over the years to support a lot of men in our home from home groups. 

I remember one group with great fondness which was predominately men.  The men loved being together, they got so much out of the group, had so much in common and so much to reminisce about.

The men were all former tradesmen, dominoes became an important part of the day for them all.  When they worked all 3 men used to play dominoes in their lunch breaks.  The games often became quite competitive.

My dad was a joiner to trade and was renovating my house.  I used to regularly take one of our men (was himself a joiner) to see how the jobs were coming along.  He loved to see the progress.  He felt very involved and had so many long chats with my dad about the job, regularly giving his input and tips on types of wood best suited for the job.

One of the other gentlemen was a retired painter but also a well known ice hockey player in the area.  If this gentleman wasn’t painting he was at the ice rink.  I took him along there regularly.  His face would light up when he saw the building.  Memories came flooding back.  We used to sit outside in the car and talk about all his skating experiences.

At the moment I work with a gentleman who used to be a chef many years ago.  I take him shopping a couple of times a week.  We will then prepare simple food together in his kitchen.  He really enjoys doing this and eats it better knowing he has made it.

I have so many lovely memories of each and every one of our service users.

Linda Murphy

Adult Placement Carer

Home from Home