Service User Feedback – One to One

“Liz laughed when she said, I would rather you were coming in my door as to leaving it, I really enjoy your company you are marvellous.”

“Mary told me that she doesn’t know what she’d do without me as I am such a good friend to her, I told her it was my pleasure.”

“When I was getting ready to leave Janet said that she wished that I didn’t have to go, I told her to be careful what you wish for as I’m coming back on Thursday, this made her giggle.”

Referring to JDI “It has been a lifeline for me and my family.”

“When we were walking home I asked Gwen if she’d had a nice time today, she said she’d had a lovely time and that I was a lovely lassie. “

“Fiona told me that she doesn’t know what she did to get a good friend like me visiting her. I told her that it was because she is a nice person too and that I look forward to my visiting her too.”

“You are all marvellous and I really appreciate all the support. I wish I could give something back.”

“I just want to say a big thank you to yourself and Ann for stepping in to help me at the last minute yesterday. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without your team. It really does make a difference to my life, never mind Mum’s. Mum enjoys the company and appreciates all the personal help she gets. I can visit my Granddaughter without the worry of Mum.

*Feedback has been anonymised, and names have been changed.