NHS Older Adults Group

JDI host the NHS Older Adults Group, which was set up to facilitate a group post Covid as there was a need to have support for people living with dementia due to loneliness and isolation. This gives the patients some socialisation and they enjoy joining in with the activities that are on offer.

The group takes place every Friday from 10am – 2pm at the Joint Dementia Initiative building, due to restrictions unfortunately the numbers are capped at 5 patients. The group is run by 2 health care assistants.

The purpose of the group is to elevate carer’s stress and for patients that have been affected by isolation and loneliness and are not attending any other day care or groups.

The requirements for the group are, the patient must be 65 years and over, must have their own transport to and from the group and must bring their own lunch. They must also be aware that it is for a 6 – 8 week period as there is a waiting list.

The patients are referred from the team of community psychiatric nurses at community mental health team (older adults), Falkirk Community Hospital.

We have added some feedback from patients that have been involved in the group:

“Get’s me out of the house, meeting people and having a laugh.”

“Keeps you cheery, good group. Enjoy the walk around the gardens.”

“Homely environment, relaxing environment, enjoy the outlook from the room.”