One to One Service

The One-to-One service is available to anyone who has a diagnosis of dementia and a referral from Social Work. The service aims to support you with everyday tasks, maintain relationships and friendships. We aim to work with you in supporting you to do what you want, either at home or in the community. 

When we receive a referral one of our experienced and trained Project Workers will visit you and arrange the introduction of support and discuss how best we achieve what you want to do.  You will be allocated a support worker who can visit you on a weekly basis, depending on your needs and wishes. The support is very individualised and depends on what you want/need from the service.

The types of things that the service can support with include:

  • Support you to remain involved in the community where you live, such as going shopping, out for coffee, going to visit a friend etc. The possibilities are endless! We are often told that we go the extra mile and we are very proud of this!
  • Support you to pursue your hobbies and interests or/and try new ones
  • We can support with shopping, preparing meals, having a bath, light house work etc
  • Spending time with you in your home to enable your carer to take on other tasks.
  • Offering emotional support to you and your carer. Sometimes a problem shared over a cuppa is a problem halved.
  • We can also work together in supporting you and your carer in understanding dementia and to work together to find ways of coping.
  • We can sign post you and your carer for additional or alternative support.
  • We have links with a range of professionals to ensure a whole person approach to meeting your needs and outcomes e.g. CPN, Social Worker, Physio, Voluntary Organisations and others.

Some people who receive One to One service also attend our Groups which are held at Dollar Park. These groups offer an opportunity to meet others and build friendships. We also have Groups which you could come along to with a friend for a chat and a cuppa in a relaxed environment.

One to One service is Registered with the Care Inspectorate as a Housing Support/Care at Home Service. You can view the most recent inspection reports by clicking on the image below or request these directly from the service.

You can also view testimonies from our service users, staff, family & carers through the image below.